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David helped me analyze the raw emotions I was feeling- the thoughts, worries and pain I was ashamed to share with my closest friends, I found myself speaking freely with David. Davids sessions always unclouded my thoughts, and left me feeling positive even after what seemed like the darkest day- but most importantly, he helped me develop the skills to face difficult, tense situations on my own. For this skill, I'll never be able to thank him enough.


When I met David I was working a highly sensitive job that was emotionally heavy on me . David was able to help me through the job and help me process my emotions, dealing with such harsh material. Now that the job is over and its difficult to adjust, it's thanks to David's tools he taught me I'm able to get through the job process.


David is a very deep listener and had real empathy. He's also very learned and knowledgeable. I think he's non judgmental and accepting as well as nourishing towards people's subjective lifestyles. There's this idea of spiritual intelligence. It's about having an intuition and natural ability for understanding. This is something David has in abundance. 


Working with David was a great experience. I was able to open myself and work with my own issues in a open way, with no judgement at all. This helped me face some traumas and realize how to work with them to improve my mental health in general. 


I have done the Mindfulness workshop with David several times. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. In the face-to-face sessions, he helped me with my sleeping problems. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I have also watched a number of his videos and would recommend them to anyone interested in the world of mindfulness.  


I never thought I was going to need a mental heath professional until I faced the most difficult time in my life . It’s been going on for almost 2 years, this difficult situation. However, I found David 1 year ago. The first session with him was like he was a hero. He was fully listening and completely understood what I was facing. I know now that David is not Superman. But he is a person that will be there, to let you feel you are cared for and supported.  


I can’t emphasize how much working with David altered my life. I was very depressed, felt lonely and desperate when I started working with David. I was going through a tough time and I wasn’t aware of how I was really feeling. I was blaming everything and everyone for my failure. I worked with many therapists in the past. But David was the one that worked on a deep level to find out about my blocks and traumas. He is very easy to connect with and honest. I am very grateful to him, I am very aware of my feelings and emotions. I LIKE myself and after many years, was able to leave my job and follow my dream with no fear. David helps you to learn the path of self-growth and you can help yourself after that. David is very creative and spiritual. I also had a chance to be in one of his incredible workshops. You can have an experience of being true to yourself and creative. Working with Dr. Maloney is life changing. I also learned to overcome my anxiety and fear of being around people.  


 I had been through a lot of trauma and was looking for a therapist l felt could support and carry me through until l could find balance emotionally. Plus I did not have to travel to sessions. I could relax at home doing phone sessions. This has worked out very positively. Dr Maloney has been the ideal therapist for me. He is non judgemental, has great understanding, and also challenges me to stay in my truth. I was ready for a therapist like Dr Maloney as I was so sick of being sick. My personal development/growth is vital work I want/need to journey through, and am so grateful he is my mentor whilst I discover what I long for is not a person/place or thing. It is not out their, that I possesed it all along. Dr Maloney reminds me to rid my life of the unnecessarys so I can meet me. I am more real/honest with this therapist which allows my growth to escalate faster. I am grateful.


When I started my sessions with David I had some issues and questions as to whether I am doing a good job as a parent. In the meantime in my life, I experienced an unexpected breaking up with my partner. David helped me enormously. He helped me to discover a much stronger, confident and self-loving person within myself. I have been fortunate to work with him for several months and he has helped me become the best ME I can. He always knows exactly the right questions to ask, or offer the tools I need, so that I may see the positive steps that I need to take, which are often before me. No matter how I may have felt upon entering his office, I ALWAYS feel ten times better when I leave. I would highly recommend him.


Coming up to my exams I was vey anxious and things didn't look good. After I started using the techniques I learned here I more than doubled the amount of study I was doing overnight. I think this is at least worth trying; it definitely helped me.


I approached David because I was in a very difficult time of my life when I couldn't help myself anymore. Now I know I just deserved profesional help.David helped me to understand myself better, my emotions, my thought processes, my pain which was crucial in my healing process. I am now an optimistic person who is able to deal with my lows on my own. I no longer feel lonely but worthy, happy and hopeful.What I like the most about David is that he has so much patience and I always feel welcomed to share anything that comes up for me. I found the experience with David so beneficial and empowering that after almost 2 years of knowing each other I still like to catch up with him to continue developing insights about myself. He is the best listener and a true blessing for anyone who seeks help. I would recomend him to absolutely anyone. 


Having reviewed Dr. Maloney's procrastination program in light of the latest knowledge in psychology, I can highly recommend. David's program embraces the elegance of innovation and simplicity, making this system both highly effective and easy to implement."

Jackie Lohan (C.DIP NLP/HYP)

Reading this book was very much like having a conversation with someone who you can trust because what he says makes so much sense. There are so many books of this kind on the market and I've read a good few of them. David's, however, actually resonated with me and motivated me to write a review and to start applying the learning to my own life. My attitude to doing certain things (of the long finger variety) has dramatically changed. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels procrastination is getting in the way of their success. This is a great resource.

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