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Learn How to Develop the Skills of a Great Self-Parent

Ever find it difficult to understand what it is you really want from life? If you're unsure about what your emotional needs are, feel disconnected or numbed out, this eBook outlines a model you can use to start exploring what you may have overlooked.


This content is not abstract or philosophical. It's practical and a call to action. Though possibly not the kind of action you might expect.

emotional needs eBOOK

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Book Description


I wrote this book in response to the work I have done with clients experiencing emotional numbness or dissociation. A hallmark of this disconnection is difficulty in identifying what are our main emotional needs.

Much of the content I have come across on this issue is a little too vague. I wanted something that would help people identify specific areas they could focus on in terms of meeting their emotional needs.

The eBook talks not only about what our main emotional needs are, but also the skill set involved in meeting them. I identify some common mistakes we make in finding balance between our competing emotional needs as well as some practical strategies that have proven helpful to many of my clients.

What is the goal of this book?

The goal of this book is to provide you with a framework in terms of your inner emotional world. You'll learn...

  • Why happiness is an unhelpful concept when it comes to emotional needs

  • Why your experiences with emotional suffering are important and valuable

  • The goal of self-parenting

  • How to find balance with emotional needs

  • Why favoritism with emotional needs is problematic

  • The 5 basic emotional needs

  • How meeting your own emotional needs impacts interpersonal relationships

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