Self-Inquiry Workshop

Sunday January 19th, 10.30am -4pm, Louis Fitzgerald Hotel...

Presentation Slides:

Come join us for a deep dive into 'The Work' of Byron Katie. In this workshop, we'll look at how self-inquiry or forgiveness (inspired by Byron Katie and A Course In Miracles) can be used to experience emotional freedom in our day to day lives.

While we'll have some open conversation about the 'how to's' of the work, we'll also be practicing together. A good idea before attending is to think about the things in your life you've been struggling with: the judgments, grievances, and disappointments. Together, we'll start to inquire. Our shared mission will be to find the truth about our suffering.

Some of the concepts we'll be examining will include:

  • Why 'The Work' works: A breakdown of how states of mind such as anxiety and depression manifest and sustain themselves, and how 'The Work' is designed to bypass these systems.

  • The blocks to doing 'The Work': Identification with thoughts and how we personalize universal thoughts. Moving past the 'Spiritual Persona'. The myth of 'Neutral thoughts'.

  • Deciding what to focus on: How to decide if you should apply 'The Work' to yourself, another person, or a situation.

  • How to make decisions: We'll look at how Egoic thinking influences decision making and how 'The Work' can be used to eliminate indecision and inner conflict.

  • When to apply 'The Work': Understanding when to do 'The Work' and when to choose a different tool (pain-body and old trauma).

  • Practice sessions: From time to time, we'll apply 'The Work' together in a relaxed, non-judgmental, supportive environment.


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Venue: Louis Fitzgerald Hotel