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Procrastination Video Course

Watch the 14 core videos (over 4 hours of content) plus bonus videos based on your questions. Got a goal in life? Are you a student? Are you thinking of starting a business or maybe getting back into shape? This video course will make procrastination a thing of the past in your life. Ever feel lazy, like you're putting off your life? Failing to take action - consistently? This course breaks down exactly why this is happening in your life and the step by step approach to overcoming it. This advice is very unconventional and is unlike 99% of course material you'll see elsewhere. The goal is become a consistent action-taker in your life. Hours of content and expert advice from a trained professional and researcher in human motivation.

Procrastination eBook
Procrastination ebook
Relationships Video Course
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Over 4 hours (10 core videos) showing you how to have the perfect relationship. We discuss why relationships typically fall apart and how to avoid it. But more than that, this course is not about how to 'communicate better' or 'fight less' (although that is discussed at length). It's about cultivating real love. It's about how authentic love is created and sustained. We outline the main emotional needs that must be met in your partner as well as behaviours that must be eradicated immediately if passion and connect are to be sustained. 

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