To get a question answered by David is very simple.

1.  Send an email (or use the messenger below) explaining your problem and question, clearly and succinctly if possible.  

2.  David will draw up insights and do some research on the problem and provide you an estimate via e-mail as to what it costs to answer your question or help resolve your problem.

3.  If you agree with the price, simply make the payment to David's PayPal ( for the quoted amount.

4.  Upon confirming the funds are received, your question will be answered. The majority of clients opt for video responses (which can all be found on David's YouTube Channel), but you can also receive an e-mail response.  David also does one-on-one consultations via Skype or phone, but the fee can be higher for this service.

5.  Depending on the complexity of the problem, there may be some follow up questions. Most final bills come in around $28 for an e-mail and $38 for a video. If you'd like to stay anonymous (many people do) that's no problem. If you want me to use your first name in the video, let me know in your message...

Thanks! Message sent.