Empower Yourself through Knowing Yourself

"All emotional pain and suffering is the result of a conflicted Mind at war with itself. My work is about ending this conflict within the Mind. Whether the effects of inner conflict manifest as self-sabotage, relationship problems, procrastination, addiction, depression, anxiety, or a lack of confidence, the cause is always universal. I work with people, helping them find the right questions. Together, we find the root causes of emotional problems. I believe there is nothing as practical or as empowering as understanding who we really are."

                                                                    - David

Dr. David Maloney

Licensed Psychologist & Psychotherapist





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"Hi David, just wanted to tell you I worked 6h 55m yesterday and could not stop working (record for a long time). I felt amazing and it was so fun to work. There was no pressure or anxiety. Thanks sooo much! Your method works like magic :)

Daniels (Entrepreneur)

“I’ve been implementing some of the concepts already and they have been very helpful. Specifically, the Non-negotiable play time, and using no work as a punishment for missing a deadline. Both have been a game changer so far.”

Michael (Entrepreneur)

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Talk with David

David's private one-to-one sessions can show you how to escape the trap of the Persona (approval seeking) and  Shadow (Self-hate). The work will enable you to live authentically from your own personality.
He teaches skills that can help you become your own therapist.

"Having reviewed Dr. Maloney's procrastination program in light of the latest knowledge in psychology, I can highly recommend. David's program embraces the elegance of innovation and simplicity, making this system both highly effective and easy to implement." 

Dr. Cóilín Ó Braonáin (Developmental Psychologist and Psychotherapist)


Let me show you the real reasons behind procrastination. This info will empower you to take massive action on your goals and massively boost your self-esteem.

"Reading this book was very much like having a conversation with someone who you can trust because what he says makes so much sense. There are so many books of this kind on the market and I've read a good few of them. David's, however, actually resonated with me and motivated me to write a review and to start applying the learning to my own life. My attitude to doing certain things (of the long finger variety) has dramatically changed. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels procrastination is getting in the way of their success. This is a great resource."

Jackie Lohan (C.Dip NLP/Hyp)

Learn how to create authentic love

Relationship Course

You'll learn practical steps for building real connection in relationships.

Increase your self-esteem and confidence as a partner.

Why you need to be consciously aware of what your main emotional needs are.


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