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I'm a Psychologist and writer. I work mainly in talk therapy with people who need help regaining their sense of purpose and self-worth. The content here is practical in nature. It's for anyone doing inner work, looking for ways to enact real and lasting change.

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Procrastination Video Course

This course completely explains why we suffer from procrastination and self-sabotage. While I address this issue in many of my free videos on YouTube, this is all unreleased material. This course outlines an entire system of personal productivity. It takes you step by step from experiencing chronic procrastination to easily and happily getting things done, drama free. Above all, it will show you how to experience life guilt-free. A by-product is that your self-esteem, self-respect and self-trust will dramatically increase.

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Relationships Video Course

4 hours + of video content. We talk about the divergent needs of male and female partners in relationships. While the main emotional needs are the same, they are often prioritized differently. This can lead to problems in communication. We talk about commitment issues, conflict avoidance, how to be truly honest, and how to avoid (or recover) from infidelity. 

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Hi there. Hope you've found something of help here on the site. If you're curious about any of my private content, it's easy to access. It's affordable too.

I've put together some courses that might help you out. At one time I sold them individually. But now I'm making them more accessible for everyone. 

They're deep dives into issues I've researched extensively. Basically, I made them as support materials for the clients I work with in Therapy. Feedback has been great so far.

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