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Learn How to Wake Up Early Naturally

If you've ever dealt with sleep related self-sabotage, this book is essential reading. You may have tried several techniques in the past to improve your sleep habits. Maybe you've tried setting multiple alarms, changing your diet, getting more exercise. There's nothing wrong with any of those approaches, of course.

However, this book aims to go a little deeper. It delves into the childhood roots of sleep resistance and oversleeping. Once this in understood, we are better equipped to put strategies in place that lead to less conflicted behaviour (e.g., planning to go to bed early, then staying up until 4am watching movies).

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Book Description


The book offers 2 essential steps in overcoming sleep related self-sabotage. Prior to these steps, we go into how the issue of sleep related self-sabotage manifests. Contrary to what you may have learned elsewhere, it has nothing to do with poor willpower, being lazy, or dopamine addiction. 

The 2 steps will invite you to try something you may not have considered before. The answer here is not about emotional bulldozing or building resilience to form a difficult new habit. Rather, the 2 steps are rooted in self-compassion and self-recognition.

Practical tips as well as alternative self-talk examples are provided.

What is the goal of this book?

The goal of this book is to provide you with a new approach to sleep. You'll learn...

  • Why a part of you resists early rising.

  • Why a part of you desperately wants to be a consistent early riser, yet remains frustrated.

  • Why you may secretly resent looking at your alarm clock each morning.

  • Why you find it difficult to sleep early, even when you set this as a goal.

  • How to resolve or integrate the inner-conflict which manifests contradictions in your sleep behaviour.

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