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At Sunset


There are some things that can't be explained fully in a short video clip. Sometimes, a deeper dive is necessary and that's what the private content on this site is all about.

This is a small operation. What makes that a good thing is that the content is not passed through a committee. It's genuine and based off its success rate with, at this stage, 1000's of people. What you'll get here is real. The content I share privately is not watered down. It's to the point and practical.

More content is always on the way, but here's an outline of what's available:

Learn a  systematic approach for overcoming procrastination and self-sabotage. Achieve your goals using this counterintuitive strategy. 

Learn about the basic 5 emotional needs we hold and how to meet them within yourself. This course helps resolve internal conflicts.

Learn the basic emotional needs that must be met in relationships. Also learn about the essential do's and don't that exist in relationships.

Target Stands

This course comes with my eBook "Procrastination Decoded" included.


It's over 4-hours in length (14 core videos + bonus videos) and completely explains why we suffer from procrastination and self-sabotage. Each video has practical exercises for you to start implementing the strategy.


While I address this issue in many of my free videos on YouTube, this is all unreleased material. This course (and eBook) outlines an entire system of personal productivity. It takes you step by step from experiencing chronic procrastination to easily and happily getting things done, drama free.


Above all, it will show you how to experience life guilt-free. A by-product is that your self-esteem, self-respect and self-trust will dramatically increase.

Relaxing with Music

This course comes with my eBook "Forget Happiness" included.


We talk about how to meet your own emotional needs. Do you know what your emotional needs are? This is vital information. Of course, knowing them is one thing. Meeting them is another thing entirely.


But, no worries, that's the point of this course. We talk about the inner conflict that arises from not meeting our own emotional needs, typical barriers to meeting them, and how to find balance in the task at hand.


Essentially, there are 5 main emotional needs we hold. Each video has practical exercises for you to try that will challenge much of your thinking on self-parenting and self-care.

Love is Love

In the 4 hours + of video, we talk about the divergent needs of male and female partners in relationships.


While the main emotional needs (of male and female partners) are the same, they are often prioritized differently. This can lead to a lot of issues in communication.


We talk about commitment issues, conflict avoidance, how to be truly honest, and how to avoid (or recover) from infidelity. 


Each video has practical exercises for you to start implementing change, either by yourself or with your partner.


This course is for people currently in relationships as well as those not currently in a relationship trying to make sense of why relationships can be so challenging at times (dealing with a break-up or thinking of dating again).


Accessing this content is risk-free.


Your payment is safe and secure. Your payment details are never stored.


If you need anything, just email me and I'll answer you back within 24 hours.

So if you’ve ever liked any of my free content or thought of taking one of my courses. If you’ve ever watched a free video and thought, “That's a little different to the usual advice!” If something I’ve written has ever saved you from emotional anguish or inner conflict. Consider accessing this in-depth content.


This content is powerful. It might save you countless hours of stagnation and frustration. Your support allows me to keep providing content that is helping people relate to themselves and others in a totally new way. Try it out and I'll be here if you need anything.


Hope to see you inside and thanks as always,


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