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A Word from David

Although I'm a Psychologist and therapist, my real goal is to show you how to be your own therapist.


My path to helping people live better lives started, as with many people, through a difficult period in my own life. I used to see my life as difficult. Success in many ways was simply avoiding negative outcomes.


But through the process of developing greater self-awareness, I learned that things could be different; there was another way to live. The purpose of my work is to help you find new perspectives about your own life.


I want you to start seeing solutions and meaning, rather that problems and meaninglessness. I want to show you how to reconnect to the truth of who you are and to remember that what you genuinely feel and desire can bring the greatest light to the world. It is what the world is craving!


The meaning of life is to become so fearless and so empowered, that your automatic default is to give, give, and give!


The world seems to be a crazy, chaotic place. For the most part, our time is consumed with thoughts of basic survival, just getting by the best we know how.  This is how our nervous system is designed, which is quite natural. But the potential that dwells within us is so much greater than this. In discovering this potential within yourself, you will start to truly live, connecting with others as never before.

The transformation towards this potential, is why we are here. And the process can be so much easier with the right intention. I want to help you on your own personal journey...

What to expect from your work together

David has years of experience in many modalities. He specializes in helping people who feel disconnected from their natural and authentic personality. This typically manifests in low motivation, depression or anxiety. He also works on relationships, often with couples in his practice.

The work you'll do with David is not superficial. It's not about quick fixes. But if you are genuinely interested in foundational transformation, working with him may be an option for you.


You may be thinking that resolving the underlying issues and old patterns in your life is impossible. But have you ever really (REALLY) dedicated yourself to resolving it? If you are ready and willing to put in the inner work, David will help you navigate your journey quickly and gracefully.


This is possible for you. You just have to determine when you've truly had enough of hiding your true self away from the world. 

David's work often involves examining past behaviors and underlying beliefs. It's is all about self-empowerment. This work is challenging and cuts right to the heart of the core issues. But little in life is as rewarding as removing the blocks to living authentically.

If you'd like to know more, then get in touch below. All emails are responded to within 24 hours (max).


Dr. David Maloney Qualifications

  • Registered member of the Psychological Association of Ireland (Membership number – M7933R).

  • Member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Membership number – M12891) .

Dr. David Maloney holds a degree and PhD in Psychology. He is also a qualified therapist and counselor. He has worked with hundreds of clients in private sessions and deliverd workshops for several years.​ As well as private consultation work, David is also actively engaged in academic psychology research. He has delivered several Psychology modules at University level and has been published in peer reviewed academic journals. 




Talking with David is easy to set up. Click below to find out how

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