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Welcome to 'calming the inner critic'

This video course will show you why relationships fail and how to avoid the fate of so many couples in conventional partnerships. You'll learn practical steps for building real connection in relationships. Watch the free demonstration video below...

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Course Content


Why relationships are failing (problems with couples counselling & conventioanl advice)

De-bunking co-dependency (how the co-dependency movement has hurt relationships)

Starting to understand the formula (how genuine love is built and maintained)

Commitment problems (many partners, often men, fail to fully commit to their partner. Why?)

How to be radically honest with your partner (a process to achieve honesty and openness)

Understanding the male partner (what makes men fall in love and happy to commit)

Understanding the female partner (what makes women feel intense connection and love)

What to stop immediately (understanding and avoiding relationship killers)

The plan (a step by step guide in how to build deep connection with your partner)

Infidelity (understanding why affairs happen, how to avoid them, and how to recover if they do)

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What is the goal of this course? Well, it's big. Here, we talk about the problems with many types of traditional couples counselling, and what needs to be added to the 'love equation' to make things work. Good communication, less fighting, are important. But, it's not enough. We're looking for the real deal in this course.


This video covers a vital concept: The idea that you are a human being and you have needs. More importantly, we debunk the concept that you need to 'perfect yourself' to have a happy, healthy relationship. The concept of co-dependency came from the addiction community in the 70's. Since then, it has been over-generalized, leading to many unhappy relationships. We look at how vitally important it is to admit to having needs (both yours and your partners).


This video gives you a framework for exploring and understanding what the main emotional needs are in a relationship. With this knowledge, you become a far more effective partner. Your self-esteem and confidence as a partner also increases. In a relationship, you need to be consciously aware of what your main emotional needs are. Otherwise, you resort to unconscious and indirect strategies that cause anger and resentment. You also need to know the main emotional needs of your partner or ineffective and frustrating 'mind-reading' starts to take over.


For a relationship to work, both partners need to be 100% invested. Here, we discover why this can be an issue for some couples and how to reach the place of complete commitment. Essentially, the problem lies in a lack of honest and open conversation (covered in the next session). Many female partners, in particular, feel that lack of complete commitment is an issue. We learn in this session that this is related to the misconception that men and women have the same priorities in terms of emotional needs. Not so!


Honesty and openness are essential in generating connection and passion. In this video we look at how to be radically honest. We discuss how the attempt to spare each others feelings leads to massive problems. We also introduce a process for how to safely discuss any issue/problem with your partner. This process not only allows everything to come out into the open, it also builds feelings of intimacy and attraction.


When men don't know their own needs, it causes massive problems in a relationship. Here, we look at the typical emotional needs of men in relationships, and how to meet them. Knowing his needs makes 'mind reading' unnecessary. This will save you so much confusion and frustration with him. For men, this video shows you where you should be giving feedback to your partner. And, make no mistake, feedback is a necessity.


Here, we go into detail about the main emotional needs of female partners based on extensive peer-reviewed research. Meeting these emotional needs is not only advisable, it's non-negotiable. Meeting these main emotional needs builds massive love and intimate connection between partners.


Here we talk about the things both partners do that have a detrimental effect on the relationship. These issues should be eliminated in the relationship as quickly as possible. Not all couples have problems with these 'love killers'. However, if they are happening, they need to be addressed. Just by stopping these dysfunctional strategies, you'll have a far greater chance to experience genuine connection. We talk about why they happen (emotional needs not being met) and what to do as a healthy alternative.


Here, we tie everything together. No matter where you are in the beginning, this step by step approach will show you how to build connection and passionate love in your relationship. This is the practical action plan you and your partner can work through together.


This session looks at how to avoid infidelity in relationship as well as how to recover from it. We tie this in with some of the main concepts in the course as well as practical strategies that ensure your relationship will remain affair-proof.

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