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Relationship Skills - Video Course


- 10 Videos (4 hrs+) - 10 practical exercises with each video - An action plan for improved relationships My hope is that this course will help you understand why problems arise in relationships. Not such a bright and cheery topic I know, but essential nonetheless. By understanding why relationships fail, what remains is a simple path towards relationships that work. This course will offer you a dramatically new approach to much of the conventional wisdom.. This course, above all, is practical in nature. It will give you insights you can use immediately. If you ask the average person “Why is it that your relationships seem challenging?” they might struggle to give a coherent or insightful answer. They will also, most likely, be unaware of the most likely future pitfalls or mistakes that can arise in relationships. So, we need to know the terrain. This information is essential and we’re going to look at it all right here in this course. So why do relationships end? Very simply put, relationships end when one or both partners fall out of love. When the deep connection of love ends, the relationship itself needs profound change. How love dies is not a mystery. Partners simply stop doing what worked in the early stages of the relationship. They allow ‘life’ to get in the way. They buy into the Hollywood fiction of love – the happy ever after story. Join me as we discover a new approach to relationships.




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