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Your 5 Emotional Needs - Video Course


- 14 Videos (2 hrs+) - 14 practical exercises with each video - Free eBook to accompany the course What do you want? This is a fundamentally important question. Often, when I ask this question in therapy, clients struggle to find a stable or consistent answer. That's why I made this course. Here, I'll give you a framework or model that helps you understand what it is you really want and need to feel whole and less conflicted within yourself. ​Above all, this model is simple. It is based off the short eBook I wrote "Forget Happiness" which introduces 5 basic emotional needs within us. First, simply knowing what these needs are is essential. This is particularly important if we experience emotional blocks such as depression, anxiety, or emotional numbness (dissociation). Then, there's the important matter of finding ways to keep these emotional needs in balance. This course introduces the concept of competing emotional needs. Some are favored, often to the point of becoming unhealthy or dominant (the Golden Child). Others are seen as a liability or 'the Black Sheep'. You'll learn that none of your emotional needs are bad; they all need validation, time, and energy. You'll also learn that the solution is to learn effective self-parenting skills in balancing and meeting these emotional needs.




2 Plans Available, From €80.00
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