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Procrastination - Video Course


- 15 Videos (4 hrs+) - 14 practical exercises to implement the techniques - Free eBook to accompany the course (Title: Procrastination Decoded) With my procrastination video course, my promise is that you'll never procrastinate or suffer from indecision again. So here's my theory. Are your ready? I believe procrastination is caused by deeply rooted feelings of guilt. There you have it, no need to take this course! Well not quite. In the 15 core videos, we'll break this down in some detail. Almost all advice on how to stop procrastination is bad. That's why almost all the books and videos people turn to for help fail them. They then just gives up and assume they must be 'inherently lazy' or 'lacking self-discipline'.​ ​Not so. We'll go into detail on the hidden rewards we get out of procrastination (unhealthy rewards, but rewards nonetheless). I promise you that once you learn why you're doing it (constantly putting off action you consider important), the problem starts to disappear from your life. Right now, you may have no idea what it feels like to live as an ex-procrastinator. You have no idea what it feels like to stop self-sabotaging and actually start living up to your potential. You will discover this in the course. Not only that, but you'll start to have a lot more fun in your life.




2 Plans Available, From €125.00
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