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Eyes Closed


Sometimes, a direct approach is called for in our healing. That's what body work is designed to facilitate.

These sessions are held by people I know intimately and, in some cases, have trained.

Body work is not therapy. Rather, it works on the direct processing of emotions in the body. It is much more experiential than analytical.

Breathing Meditation
What You'll Need
  • Comfortable clothing.

  • A space to lie down if your facilitator suggests. A mat or bed is fine (you can turn off your camera whenever you need to).

  • Some water might be a good thing to have nearby. Some of the breathing techniques that may be used can leave your mouth a little dry.

  • Preferably a space with no interruptions. Body work involves gradually going deeper into internal experiences and is best when uninterrupted.

  • A pen and paper. Your facilitator may ask you to note things from time to time.

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