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terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all services offered:

This website operates a strict No-Refund Policy on ALL services offered - no exceptions.

By carrying out & confirming a purchase/booking with payment - the customer automatically agrees to this strict no refund policy.

If an unexpected life situation occurs, making it impossible for the individual to continue or complete/attend their purchased session - It may be possible to put the booking on temporary hold for a certain period of time (decided by Dr David Maloney), and recommenced at a later date, when it is more suitable for the individual to attend. Dr David Maloney will always do his upmost to accommodate unexpected personal events.

Canceling / Rescheduling

If you schedule an appointment and are a no-show (fail to turn up, without any prior notice), you automatically forfeit the session, without refund.

Time zone mistakes are not a valid excuse, as a simple google check will confirm the correct time of your session based on the details which have been provided for you upon scheduling. In any case, this should never be an issue as session times are automatically sync'd to your time zone. It can be a good idea to populate your session invite to an online calendar (e.g. your Google Calendar) to make absolutely sure.


David will wait a maximum of 15 minutes after the scheduled time for you to show. If you do not arrive, the session is lost. If you feel you will be late, please email ahead of time. These rules are in place as David runs a very busy session schedule which is often booked months in advance.

The quality of the therapeutic services you will receive will be second to none. David has worked with thousands of people one-to-one on a full-time basis. Outcomes will vary based on where each individual is at in their lives, and what exactly they are looking to achieve personally. All guidance is conducted specific to each individuals needs, and has the ability to shift lanes at any moment, responding to the individuals rapidly evolving requirements.

*By committing to and paying for our services, the individual agrees to all of the above policies, terms, and conditions.

​Thank you for taking the time to read.

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