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Purchase Plan

  • 12 Session Package

    Every week
    12 therapy sessions (50 minutes) with David
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Set up a recurring payment (for 12 weeks) to spread cost
    • Start booking all your sessions today (to reserve easier)
    • Sessions can be held at any date in the future you choose
    • All sessions must be scheduled within 12 weeks of purchase
  • Procrastination

    Access The Procrastination Video Course and eBook
    • 4 hours+ of exclusive content on overcoming procrastination
    • eBook 'Procrastination Decoded' included
    • 14 core videos + Bonus videos
    • Each video has practical exercises for you to implement
    • Move beyond the self-help paradigm
    • Learn to resolve the conflict that leads to procrastination
  • Relationships

    Video Course on Relationship Dynamics
    • 4 hours+ of video content
    • Learn how relationships thrive and why they fail
    • Practical exercises with each video session
  • Self Parenting

    Video Course and eBook on meeting your own emotional needs
    • Free eBook included
    • Learn about the 5 essential Emotional Needs
    • Learn how to balance your needs to resolve internal conflict
  • 3 Course Bundle

    Get 3 Courses
    • Procrastination video course and eBook
    • Self-parenting course and eBook
    • Relationship course
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