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Stop blaming yourself for your negative feelings

When we start to realize that our thoughts and emotions help shape our perceptions of the world, we begin to see just how powerful we really are. We realize that the horrible situations we have encountered in the past, while horrible, are shaped by our own underlying beliefs and intentions. Make no mistake, the only game in town is to work with your own beliefs and intentions. That’s because this is where all your power is based. You can have complete control over this aspect of your life.

But there is a potential issue with this. It’s a mistake many of us make. Because we start to realize the power here, rather than taking responsibility, we assign blame – to ourselves.

It helps to remember that while you may now be actively practicing positive new ways of thinking, for a time, old limiting beliefs will still be running in your mind. Thus, you may find that you practice positive thinking diligently and have, say, three good days. On the fourth day however, you wake up in a dark mood, feeling depressed and lethargic.

Realize that such feelings of negativity can be heightened for the person who is trying to change. This is because a person who isn’t trying to change thinks they just feel bad. You however, know the implications of negativity and that you, on some level, can be proactive in changing it. Thus, you feel frustrated with yourself on top of the depression! Feeling frustrated at your depression will not help. Love is all that can help, and is love ever frustrated?

The worst thing you can do is to try to talk yourself out of a depression of this kind. So many people do this! Instead, try using love. Talk to the dark energy in a warm loving voice. Reassure it. Give it its space and acknowledge that you are feeling it. Do not fight with it. Show it that you are not disturbed by negativity because you have a deep connection to a higher truth.

Being on a path of transformation does not mean never feeling depressed or negative again. It means only that you are committed to changing the way you see the world and yourself. Eventually, your disturbances will be reduced or less potent. In the meantime, you can expect that if you used to experience occasional dark periods, you will continue to experience occasional dark periods.

Learn to accept or even welcome them. They are your opportunities to practice loving yourself when you really need to. There is no need to blame your bad feelings on your decision to transform and upgrade your perception. Believe me, this decision is always positive.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient and stick to your commitment to change your perception of the world. You will get there. The more you reaffirm your commitment to change, the more help you will receive. That might sound a little strange, but I have found it to be very true.

Talk soon,


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