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How Ego Hijacks Your Success

Your Persona would have you chase success and what you have been referring to as ‘freedom’. However, you may notice that from time to time you feel like a victim of the world and that success always remains elusive.

You have been conditioned (by other Egos) to value a concept called success. You see images of it. You have brief experiences of it; just enough to keep you attached.

Much of your time is spent developing strategies and plans in order to bring about its arrival. My friend, you have been conned, big time!

A parasite has attached itself to you and is ‘thinking’ through you. The problem is that you believe YOU are thinking. These thoughts are lifeless and based on circular reasoning.

The Ego has hijacked your mind and it has replaced the concept of genuine success with its own lifeless replication of it. It has done so because it has no interest in making you feel successful. It wants only to keep you small and afraid so that your allegiance does not stray from it.

Here is a key point to remember: only the Ego would have you drop the concept of ‘success’ entirely. The spiritual Ego would have you be spiritual by ‘dropping’ the concept it values (creates conflict).

This will never work as genuine success is a real concept and something your heart will forever be drawn towards.

You must become aware of all the strategies you have been using to bring about the Egos concept of success. To find these, look at how the actions you take are rooted in how much approval they can win from others. Will they like me? Will this be received well? Will this or that work? This is all Ego. More specifically, the part of the Ego we call Persona.

Rather than dropping the concept of success entirely, we must instead reinterpret what the Ego has hijacked. We need success, but in its original loving form.

For the Ego, success is one side of a two-sided coin. Its opposite side reveals unworthiness. Thus, any time you seek for the ‘success’ of the Ego, you are really choosing unworthiness and guilt. When the attempts to attain this success inevitably fall short, the guilt will be projected onto someone or something outside of yourself. That boss, client or situation perhaps.

The Ego uses the concept of success only to maintain feelings of unworthiness by projecting them outward. Thus, they can never be seen for what they are. These feelings are simply the effects of Egoic concepts held within the thought system of Ego. It is your attachment to these concepts (you believe they are your thoughts and valuable at that) that perpetuates them.

It has nothing to do with external actors or situations.

So, what is real success? This is how you will transcend all this and start to feel alive once again. Real success is taking complete responsibility.

That is the hallmark of the successful. Not successful Egos, but the truly successful.

Take complete responsibility for how you feel in every moment of your day. As you find yourself engaged in any action, use the original concept of success. Realize that you are not trying to get success. You are successful as soon as you stay aware that your feelings are yours and yours alone. They are the result of your choices based on what it is that you truly value.

Become aware of the impulse to get or become successful. This is the biggest step. Then, remind yourself that this concept is not even yours. It belongs to something else.

Reclaim your own genuine success. Remember that as soon as you take responsibility, you are already there. Your action becomes less impulsive and frenetic.

Real success is based on responsibility. When this is reclaimed, other thoughts start to become available to you (thoughts completely outside the reach of Ego). Thoughts of unconditional positive regard for yourself, thoughts of wisdom, thoughts of peace.

Always ask yourself this question before acting: what is the purpose of this? From what mindset and I acting here? Start today and reclaim what has always been yours.


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