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How to Improve Your Mindset and Start Seeing Progress in Your Goals


"I feel like I’m stagnant in my life and not making any real progress. Many of the areas of my life in which I’ve been trying to improve have plateaued and I’m not making any real progress. I’m frustrated as I’m not exactly sure why. I stay consistent in my goals. Fairly consistent anyway. I just feel I should have made more progress by now given the time I’ve put in and the length of time I’ve been trying to grow. I keep trying and take action, but I’m feeling stuck and getting frustrated." - Bryan


- Nowhere in your question did I see ‘mindset’ referenced.

- How have you been addressing your mindset?

- We, as a culture, are obsessed with action. But it has become mindless.

- Sharpen the process.

- Be intentional before taking action.

- Reflect afterwards on anything interesting that came up while taking action.

- We don’t like this because it seems like it will take longer, and all of our time should be spend ‘taking action’.

- However, sharpen your blade. Your mind is your greatest tool!

- All action will be taken intentionally. You’ll be more conscious of your growth process.


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