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How To Let Go Of Control To Be Happy

What if you were to completely let go? What it you dropped all sense of importance or urgency in your goals? You know, the ones you’ve been struggling with for years now.

What if you had no priorities, other than to become truly intimate with yourself? In truth, this is the ONLY thing that will work in life. Structure and rules always lead to misery. This may be a lesson you need to learn again and again for some time. But, once learned, you open to life. You are safe in the anarchy of the Egoless.

When you choose, structure, rigidity, and rules for yourself, you cut off your lifeline. Rules only describe what you THOUGHT you might want at some point in the past. Guess what: they are almost always misguided. It’s all complete guess work. They have no semblance to what you really feel in the ever-changing state of existence called your life.

Think about what happens every time you sit down and plan for your happiness. You make rules for yourself to follow so that, at some point in the future, you will ‘arrive’. There’s a destination to reach. It’s not here and now. It’s normally not even well defined. But it makes you struggle. Struggle for that state where all is well.

Today, I am talking to you about giving up. Giving up what? It’s giving up being the expert in what it is you believe will protect you from negative emotions. That’s what you’re always running from. You’re a slave to emotions. Sure, you seek the good ones. But more likely, you’re running from the bad.

You’re caught in a game where you try to think and plan your way out of the here and now. You try to think your way out of feeling. Everything changes for you the day you realize that there is nowhere to hide. Your emotions always reveal themselves. Everything changes the day you realize you wouldn’t want to hide from your emotions, even if you could.

Really look at your life. Even just the past month. Has the structure of rules and planning saved you from negative emotion? Has it brought you to a place of peace? Wake up! It never will.

Your safety is in intimacy with yourself. This is something you develop over time. But each time you choose intimacy, you are rewarded.

Intimacy moves you. It speaks to you, where you are right now. It involves being aware of how you feel now. It involves checking in with yourself.

This might seem like effort. You might think that structure and rules save decision making time. They do no such thing. In fact, they cost you an incalculable amount of time. Years of your life are wasted with them.

They waste time because they keep you on the emotional hamster wheel. Their inherent rigidity means you will eventually rebel. You’ll take one step forward, then one or two steps back. This is how habitual patterns keep playing out, again and again. While intimacy may seem like effort at first, you begin to trust it when you see how effective it is. You notice that things are truly changing. You move on!

Start checking in with yourself more and more. You cannot do it too often. You already know what to do, where to go, and how to be happy. Stop looking for it through the very thing you are not – the limited. Your answer has already been provided.


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