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Look at Your Life and Stop ‘Making’ Trouble for Yourself

You have returned home. In this time to yourself, rest in the Truth of who you are. You are innocent and always sustained. You always will be. You always have been.

Notice what happens when you fail to come to this place of stillness. Fear drives this decision. I am urging you to come to this place of rest habitually and to look at your life from a higher perspective.

But fear would have you chase solutions externally where they can never be found. It assures you that there’ll be time to ‘look at your life’ once this next problem is settled. But in your striving to fix it, you exhaust yourself. Time for reflection seems difficult to find. Sleep, work, sleep, work is the cycle that follows.

Instead, I am asking you to set a boundary. Do not compromise on the investment of looking at your life.

Notice that when fear comes up, the drive to ‘make something happen’ takes over. You make yourself busy. You make a drama out of something. You need to make more money. You need to make the other person love you. You need to make them appreciate you more. As soon as the survival instinct kicks in, you’ll believe you need to make something happen almost instantly.

When resting in yourself becomes a habit, its effects start to emanate throughout your daily life. Rather than ‘making’ things happen, you start to allow creation to flow through you.

This can be recognized very easily by bringing awareness to your feeling state. ‘Making’ involves effort, strategies, intellect, and above all, elaborate plans. ‘Creation’ however stems from a place of relaxation and ease. The next step feels obvious and intuitive.

Start to become acutely aware of how you feel as you engage with your life in each moment. This will tell you what is truly taking place.

Learning to tell the difference is the real key. When you notice yourself ‘making’, this is a huge step forward. Noticing this is never a cause for concern. For once you can tell the two apart, you’ll be free.

The lesson is this: when you notice yourself trying to ‘make’ life conform to whatever your survival script has determined is necessary, you will find yourself in emotional pain. Pain is the ultimate teacher. Where once you thought that your ‘making’ and striving were designed to end suffering, you realize that they, and they alone, are its cause.

Once I suffer enough, suffering will end. This is the illusion we are trying to see through. If I keep doing the thing that doesn’t work, eventually it will work. No, my friend, it will never work.

Creation feels like the opposite. It will always be accompanied by an enjoyment. The mystery here is the source. Without the ‘maker’ or the ‘doer’ how can anything be achieved or accomplished? Yet, with experience, the effects of creation cannot be overlooked.

Through creation, you recognize the true value of your life. Not only do you get to experience the wonders of creative energy, you also get to witness its creation flow through you. With no effort, there is a space where gratitude and full appreciation enters.

Love or joy are never really ‘made’. Rather, they are extended. They are allowed to ‘flow through’.

If you don’t ‘get this’, I would invite you to sit with this idea for as long as it takes to register with you. It will save you a lot of unnecessary strife and will set you free emotionally.


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