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Overcome Procrastination By Balancing Your Emotional Needs

In this video I talk about the importance of balance if we are to meet our productivity goals. The problem can often be that the emotional need for responsibility (doing the things we feel we don't want to do) becomes dominant or tyrannical.

Here are 5 takeaways from the video:

1. Listen up! A part of you does not want balance in your life! A part of you (the dominant need) is perfectly happy with things staying the way they are. Thus, any talk of 'balance' will make it feel threatened. We must continue to validate this need, not make it feel unwanted.

2. Procrastination is caused by a dominant need for responsibility. We need to convince this need to 'share' with the other emotional needs we hold. Otherwise, the repressed needs will undermine it, resulting in stagnation or 'stuckness'.

3. Responsibility is the golden child. Relaxation is the black sheep. We have been conditioned from an early age to put responsibility on a pedestal. While it is important, this over emphasis may now be causing us trouble. We are socially rewarded for prioritizing this need, even when it involves sacrificing our other needs.

4. When identified with responsibility, all other emotional needs are liabilities. We need to see our other emotional needs, not as liabilities, but as supports to our responsibilities. We need to see all our needs as working on the same team, not in opposition to one another.

5. Validate all your needs. Don't pick favorites. While some needs may need more time and energy than others, none should be ignored entirely.


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