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Procrastination and Emotional Bulldozing


My willpower always lets me down I can stick to a plan of action for a few days at a time. Then I always slide back. Once, I was even able to complete 30 days in a row. I was hoping that this would form a habit that would stick. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and I ended up going back to my old ways again. For me, this looks like inconsistency, frustration, and disappointment. Originally, I was having procrastination issues with study. But since finishing school, it has shown up in other areas of my life. Things that really should be fun for me (painting -which I was always good at, exercise etc) are now areas I struggle to stay consistent with. I know that in order to achieve any real progress or level of skill, I’ll need to stay consistent over time. But some days my motivation just isn’t there and I fail to take action. How can I become consistent and end this pattern of sliding back into old patterns after short-term success? - Anthony


  • Consistency is truly the king of all lasting change. But consistency in what is the question?

  • Are you consistently in the right mindset? This is all that matters. But how do you get into that mindset?

  • You may notice that it’s your emotional state that ends up sabotaging you. This is where the issue can be solved.

  • Pushing harder (and berating yourself) will accomplish nothing. This will only cultivate resentment towards the things in your life you should be enjoying and growing in.

  • Set aside some time for each of your goals (e.g., 30 minutes for painting, 30 minutes for exercise). That is an intention you can set for yourself.

  • If when the time starts, you feel fantastic, jump right into action.

  • However, if you feel terrible, it’s time to do some inner work first.

  • Do some writing about why you feel so stuck. Where are these negative thoughts coming from? Why does it seem so hard, overwhelming? Why am I even doing this at all? What am I trying to accomplish?

  • In that time, you are only permitted to take action if you can get to the point where you feel positive and encouraged about taking action.

  • Remember, 5-minutes of action taken with the right mindset is better than 30 minutes with the wrong mindset.

  • This way, you’ll be cultivating a healthy, compassionate, encouraging mindset CONSISTENTLY.

  • Your emotional stability will become consistent. This was always the real issue!

  • If you commit to this, your mindset will be corrected and consistent action cannot but follow.

  • You may be reluctant to try this approach as it focuses primarily on mindset rather than action. However, if you give it a try, you’ll learn than not only will the amount of action you take increase, but the quality and enjoyment of that action will increase. And when I say increase, I mean dramatically!


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