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Procrastination and Feeling Paralyzed


"I feel completely paralyzed around my work. Most of this is down to pressure I feel from other people. I am clear about my goal and I know it will take a lot of work to achieve it. However, the thoughts of failure fill me with a sense of terror. I see the disappointed looks from my family and friends, my partner. They’re all expecting me to succeed but, in my mind at least, this is far from guaranteed. What if I fail? What if all my effort leads me nowhere. I know this might seem a bit dramatic, but I feel I’d be a disgrace in other people’s eyes. I’m not sure how to get past this. I know I’m seeing this wrong and being negative, but I feel helpless in terms of shaking off this feeling of being paralyzed. Any insights or advice would be helpful and might help some of your viewers." Ben.


- Work is wrapped up in your sense of identity.

- I am successful (I am a failure).

- Complete success is complete engagement.

- Nothing to achieve and nothing to avoid or put off.

- No one actually cares.

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Lawrence B
Lawrence B
05 Eki 2021

I enjoyed readiing this


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