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Procrastination and Workaholism Are Different Sides of the Same Dysfunctional Coin

Viewer Question:

I can’t shake the feeling that I’m lazy. It’s just an inner feeling that seems so real to me. My dad, who I no longer have a good relationship with, used to accuse me of this when I was growing up. It bothered me then and, even now, in the face of abundant evidence to the contrary, I still feel lazy. I work all the time. In fact, I feel uneasy when I’m not working. It’s very difficult for me to switch off work mode. I’m relatively successful and I wish I could enjoy my success more. But there’s this constant impulse to keep going, to do more all the time. It feels like I’ve never done enough. It’s a feeling like, if I take my foot off the gas, something bad will happen and I’ll lose what I’ve managed to achieve. I know it makes no sense, but why can’t I get rid of the feeling?


- The belief is not that your behaviour is ‘lazy’.

- It’s a belief that YOU are lazy (at your core, fundamentally, existentially).

- Ask, who believes ‘I am lazy’?

- The False Image (subpersonality) or persona beliefs it.

- It is not YOU that believes it!

- You can watch the judgement taking place. You observe it. Therefore, it cannot be YOU!

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