Set Boundaries with Productivity to Achieve Your Goals 10X Faster

We're all constantly told how important our goals are. We're told how important it is to set goals, follow through on them, keep hustling...

Look, I get it. Goals are important. I'm not trying to convince you to drop goals. Life would be pretty lackluster without something to move us forward.

But I want to emphasize a point less commonly made. YOU are bigger than any goals you will ever set for yourself. Moreover, it's vitally important to keep this in mind.

When you accept this, you realize that goals should never take over your life. They are kept under your control. The tail stops wagging the dog!

In this video, I outline an aspect of this. A common feature of procrastination is that we tell ourselves things like "I have all day" or "I'll get to it at some point, I have to". This line of thinking shows that the goal has become more important than the goal setter.

Goals should not have license to come in and out of your life whenever 'they' wish. Strict boundaries with goals are useful to exercise your authority over them.

Notice, I didn't say that you must be strict in DOING the goal related work. I'm suggesting that setting the time for the goal related work is the more pressing issue.

Hope you find this one helpful...

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