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The Procrastination Trap is Easy to Overcome

In this video, I talk about how procrastination is caused by an aspect of ourselves that is preoccupied with 'doing'. Of course, this psychological preoccupation often fails to materialize in our behavior.

Interestingly, some of the most ambitious and hard working people I've ever met have had issues with procrastination. It's one of the main reasons it's so frustrating. There's this block in the way to the flow of creative output (a very real part of who we are). Once this is removed, it's like a stream of creative energy comes pouring out. Sometimes this is referred to as flow.

In our haste to get to this point, we make one small error. We TRY. We try too hard. We attempt to force things. This results in the adoption of a subpersonality I refer to as 'The Doer'.

The doer is always psychologically busy. It's always anxious.

Now, here's the thing. It's this subpersonality that's actually causing procrastination. Why? Because we're all trying to get rid of the procrastinator. But, we're attached to the doer. We see it as helpful.

To overcome procrastinating then, our job is not to stop procrastination but to drop our attachment to the doer. We're really only being asked to drop our attachment to force, struggle and psychological anxiety.

Hope the video helps and I'll talk with you again soon,



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