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The Question Procrastinators Struggle to answer

In this video I ask: How long is a piece of string? Of course, in common parlance, it's a rhetorical question. The answer is that we don't know, it depends, etc.

But this is the problem we have when we struggle as procrastinators. We have too vague a sense of how much exposure we'll have to our goals.

How long will I spend on my project? - It depends.

When will I finish my assignment? - Hopefully soon.

How long will it take? - As long as it takes.

If you can't see the problem with these answers or this type of reasoning, definitely watch the video.

I also give a few more general tips in terms of making productivity a little easier for yourself. See below...

Realize that without boundaries your Nervous System will become defensive. All it wants is to reserve calories. It’s only job is safety. Ask not only ‘When should I start?” Ask, “When will I stop?”

It’s ok to have standards. You should want to see daily progress in your goal(s). Set minimum requirements. This is an amount of action you want to see, even if you have a bad day. It should feel uncomfortably easy to achieve and hit consistently.

You must have limits. If you don’t have limits, the goal has taken control. The upper limit should be a challenge. It should be an amount of action you have achieved in the past, but not often.

See all your needs as equal. Work (what I call responsibility) is important. But if it takes over (becomes tyrannical) other needs will be crowded out. Should this dynamic stay in place for a long time, the system will break down.

Guilt free fun is rocket fuel. The important part here is ‘guilt free’. You will have fun no matter what. It’s just a matter of giving validation to it or not. If you have fun while validating it, you are filling your tank for success.

Thanks and see you again soon,



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