Why Am I Not Doing Enough? The Mantra of Procrastination...

The idea that "I'm not doing enough" is a core belief carried by all of us who suffer from procrastination, low motivation or low self-esteem. In this post I want to point out something super important about it.

This belief, while it always seems based in reality with bundles of supporting evidence, is not true! It's nothing more than a tool used by the inner critic to keep you stuck (caught in the freeze of the fight/fight/freeze response). The inner critic wants you there because, believe it or not, it feels it can keep you safer that way.

What may be easier to accept if you firmly believe this about yourself is that the belief that "I'm not doing enough" is incredibly unhelpful and demotivating.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We can recognize this especially when we start to realize that the belief persists even after we've put in enormous work on a project or task. When we recognize this, we begin to see just how little the belief is based in rationality. It's very much driven by emotion.

In this video, I talk about how to start letting this belief go. We need to recognize why it comes up so often and then we need to replace it with something more helpful and , yes, rational.


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