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Why Anxiety is Tricky to Overcome but Absolutely Possible

Anxiety and panic attacks are so common nowadays. Here I talk about why we experience anxiety so often as well as how to handle it. It's not about 'getting rid' of anxiety, but rather, learning how to understand and process it properly.

A few points from this session:

  • Anxiety is tricky to process because it throws multiple thoughts at us. It's impossible to process multiple thoughts at once. Thus, the answer is to slow things down and to come out of the intellectual 'problem solving' mind as much as possible.

  • Being still with the emotion of anxiety is really the biggest secret of all. We need to stop fighting against it and to accept or even welcome it. It is the internal struggle against it that makes it seem so difficult to release.

  • Above all, we need to accept ourselves when we experience anxiety. If we really check, there is usually a subtle judgement against the self for feeling anxious: "What's wrong with me." If we can love ourselves in the face of the emotion, we are well on our way to healing.

  • We can also do processes like inquire (gently challenging the anxious thought) or self-empowerment (dis-identifying from the thought) once stillness has been entered into.


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