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Why do I feel bored?


"My question has to do with the feeling of being bored. I’m not normally like this. Recently with not being able to leave my house it has started to really bother me. For the life of me I can’t understand where it’s coming from. I know I’m not working the way I normally would and that my social supports have changed. But I have more time to myself than ever. Normally, I use my time very effectively. I love being creative and taking on new projects. The feeling of boredom doesn’t last too long. But I feel I’m just riding out the feeling rather than understanding what causes it or where it is coming from. Any insights?"


- Boredom is really ‘what’s the point’ in disguise.

- Boredom and the creative impulse and interlinked massively.

- ‘What’s the point’, comes from fear.

- Get a page and put your fears in black and white.

- Belief 1 is usually: It won’t work.

- Belief 2: I’ve tried before (but did you quit too soon?)

- Other beliefs:

- I don’t know what to do

- It won’t be good enough

- I need to do it right/well

- You have more time to yourself than ever. We normally fantasize

about this when working. But when we get the chance, we can be surprised by the feeling of boredom.

- Embrace it! It is normal and is actually a gateway to something very special!


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