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Procrastination Decoded

Procrastination Decoded


From Psychologist and author Dr. David Maloney comes a book outlining the entirely counter-intuitive way to overcome procrastination (putting off important action) and achieve success in your life. Rather than emphasising the same old mantras you've heard a million times before (work harder, hustle, grind, push yourself), this book shows you how to access a powerful, deliberate, compassionate and encouraging aspect of your own consciousness. With this, nothing is off limits to you.


In 'Procrastination Decoded', Dr. Maloney outlines a highly effective method for overcoming the common psychological blocks that keep us from engaging with everyday action steps. Rather than telling you what to do in laborious detail (you probably already know this), the book retrains you in how to think about and perceive goal-related work. From here, positive, self-empowering behaviour falls into place naturally. 


The goal of this book is very lofty indeed. It aims to guide you through a radical change in your consciousness. Through reading the principals in 'Procrastination Decoded', you will learn...

- The real factors that determine success in goal attainment.

- The 5 most common harmful myths about productivity and success

- How your thinking can hurt the way you work and how to fix this 

- The only way to change your goal-oriented behaviour

- How to go from an inconsistent procrastinator, to someone who can work for literally hours at will.

- What your daily routine needs to be like (not what you think)

- What you need to do every day to get to where you want to be.


After reading the book and applying its very simply and straightforward methods, you will 

- Totally change how you view and approach goals and work

- Remove procrastination 100%

- Dramatically increase the amount of quality work you do on a daily basis

- Give yourself the tools to actually reach their full potential


*Note: This book can also be accesed when you purchase my procrastination video course (it's a free bonus for joining the course).

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